Advanced Lipo Centre

We are the leading name for Vaser Liposuction across the UKOur expertise lies solely in the provision of Vaser Liposuction treatments. With our focus on only one procedure, we have been able to fully develop our expertise offering better solutions than our competitors. We know how important it is for our clients to achieve a body shape that they desire.This is why we make it our mission to enable our clients to get the shape they desire.Dr S Bassi is renowned for becoming the first practitioner in the UK to combine vaser and tickle liposuction techniques. It is therefore great for our clients that he is our resident doctor here.Through years of practice in the US and the UK, Dr Bassi has been able to fine tune the use of this technique.Our clients enjoy superior definition and shape because of the mastery we have of the techniques. We deliver our services to a diverse group of individuals. We offer vaser liposuction treatment to celebrities, high net worth individuals, foreign royalty and everyone else.We afford the same level of respect and impeccable service to all our clients. Vaser liposuction is a better solution than traditional liposuction surgeryIt is preferred these days because it is less intrusive, less painful and cheaper than traditional liposuction surgery. With traditional liposuction, the skin loses its elasticity after a whilThe reason this happens is that collagen is destroyed as fat is removed.Vaser techniques on the other hand helps to contract and tighten the skin to sculpt the body.Since the vaser liposuction procedure is very soft on the skin, it doesnâ??t lead to sagging over time.This helps our clients maintain a smooth appearance even years into the future.From the initial query to the treatment, we ensure that our clients are afforded an exceptional level of carOur in-house doctor and his team are provide a warm environment and make the experience a pleasurable one for all our clients.
Advanced Lipo Centre
Suite 4, Kingsway House1
34-140 Church Road

Tel: Tel: 01273 805 131, Email:


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